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Rack pdu

rack pdu

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rack pdu

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to contents news datasheet gallery get directions contact login menu you are herehomeinfrastructurepowerpower distribution power distribution when building a colocation datacenter it s always unsure what the power demand of each customer will be. We ve chosen to heb je interesse in rack pdu create small power buildouts of 500kw rack pdu passend voor uw onderneming This approach gives us the opportunity to adjust the equipment to the power demand. It makes setup easy to manage. For example if there should be a failure impact will be low and easy to repair. Upss like the apc symmetra px 500 deliver a very good power efficiency and can easily be scaled by our employees. The upsistributes the power to the pdpm the pdpm then redistributes the power to the customers racks according to their power demand. Each feed is informatie over rack pdu properly fused and measured with a builtin kilowatt hour.

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